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Kicking off the Summer with

Australian Gold


For as long as I can remember my mother would always tell me “Make sure you are wearing sunblock before leaving the house!” I can still hear her saying, “Your skin will thank you later.” She was right! Wearing daily sunblock year-round is essential to your skin’s health and is important in preventing aging.Using a high-quality sunblock is key and my go-to has always been Australian Gold Sun Care products! Australian Gold has over 30 years of research and developmental work invested in their brand to produce the best quality products packed with a natural blend of extracts and botanical ingredients

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Many of the ingredients used are native to Australia and are packed full of antioxidants leaving your skin moisturized with a dewy glow! These ingredients include: carrot seeds, banana, caramel and walnut seed extract. Some additional perks: no streaking or staining to worry about and no unnecessary chemicals or animal testing.  


All of their products are Reef and Eco-Friendly. As you can imagine each product smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Each product also has a healthy dose of antioxidants giving your skin the nourishment it needs.

"Australian Gold has over 30 years of research and developmental work invested in their brand to produce the best quality products packed with a natural blend of extracts and botanical ingredients"

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Not only do I get the perks of feeling and smelling good while using Australian Gold products, I also have peace of mind knowing that my skin is protected from the sun with broad spectrum UV coverage. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I can frolic in the sun year round knowing that my skin is protected from the dangers of our harsh sun. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and taking care of it daily is a maximum priority for me. Having beautiful and youthful skin means a lot to me. Having beautiful skin is something people always notice and the way to achieve this is by protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. I get the protection that I need with Australian Gold and it allows me to look and feel beautiful while enjoying my sunny lifestyle


As many of you know, I travel extensively and love visiting sunny and tropical destinations. When I’m not traveling, I naturally spend as much time as I can outdoors whether it’s going on a run, gardening or just playing with my pets in the yard. With summer just around the corner, a daily dose of sunshine is an essential part of my day. For daily use, I use the Australian Gold Classic sunscreen spray as it goes on easily and smells like coconut, orange and vanilla goodness! For days when I am just relaxing underneath the sun this is perfect go to.

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For days when I am craving some adventure whether it’s going for a boat ride or doing a challenging hike, I use Australian Gold’s New Extreme Sport sunscreen which is designed to be sweat and water resistant. Keeping me protected while I do my thing and allowing me stay active all day long and not having to worry about sun damage. Re-applying when needed is also very easy in the Continuous Spray format so that usually is what I bring along with me for a fun packed day. The Ultra Chill Technology provides a sweat activated cooling effect allowing your skin to stay smelling fresh all day. The extreme sport sunscreen features a new fragrance, coastal breeze which is airy and clean and refreshing. Perfect for a busy and adventurous day in the sun!

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I am so excited for the official summer kick off during Memorial Day weekend and it is the perfect time to remind everyone the importance of using daily sunscreen all year round. I, personally, cannot wait for all the summer barbeques, pool parties, days at the beach and more. Wearing Australian Gold sunscreen is an essential part of my daily routine as it leaves me with a natural glow and protects my skin. I hope you all share my enthusiasm with having healthy and beautiful skin. Have a wonderful summer and remember to always apply your favorite go to sunscreen from Australian Gold.


This blog post is sponsored by Australian Gold. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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