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Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort
St. Lucia


Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort has been on my bucket list for many many years and I was over the moon excited to be visiting. Many times in the past when there has been a lot of hype around visiting a certain destination, it ends up being a disappointment as one naturally envisions perfection but this was not the case when I visited this Sugar Beach. I was actually blown away with the beauty and was in awe during my entire stay. The location for starters is at a 18th-century sugar plantation with over 100 acres of lush rainforest. The resort Is hugged by the two famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed pitons which are dramatically breathtaking on their own. Sugar Beach has a pristine sandy beach that overlooks the pitons and my beach bungalow had direct access to it so I was able to wake up every morning and enjoy my coffee with my toes in the sand and taken in the raw beauty of St. Lucia. This is the place if you are looking to disconnect and getaway or for a romantic honeymoon. The property is lush with diverse landscape, privacy and plenty of fun activities. Everyday we did something different and that is the beauty of Sugar Beach. It can be as slow paced as you would like or you can pack your day with hiking, yoga, snorkeling, or going out on a boat! The best months to visit Sugar beach and St. Lucia in general is between May and June



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