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HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone

A review of my favorite HUAWEI product

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My latest obsession is anything HUAWEI, my favorite being the HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone. This state of the art smartphone has all the features a person would need and I cannot get enough of it! It has become my new way of communicating, capturing candid moments and everything in between. When it comes to taking photos, I am used to caring around my bulky DSLR camera, but with the HUAWEI P40 Pro I have the comfort of having a smartphone that conveniently takes professional quality photos and videos in a candid manner without the extra fuss of a heavy camera. There are numerous features I am really liking about this smartphone and I am excited to be sharing it with you.


When it comes to purchasing a phone, there are so many great options to choose from on the market but no other smartphone came close to impressing me as much as the HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone! My first impression when I first laid eyes on the smartphone was how elegant and striking it was. It caught my attention right away with its earthy blue color that reminded me of the fluidity of water. I have a feeling, I am never going to want to put this beauty down!



As a photographer, having a top of the line camera is one of the most important things I am considering when it comes to purchasing a phone. The HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone an Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera that allows you to effortlessly capture images in the moment. There are four types of lenses to choose from when shooting:

1) 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera- this allows you to take in a large amount of light while maintaining clarity keeping your images crisp and detailed.

2) 12 MP Telephoto Camera- This one is all about the zoom! With up to 50x at max zoom, leaving you with breathtaking images.

3) 40 MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera- This is the one that is going to get you all those epic wide shots!- My personal favorite :) It also allows you to create 4k time lapse videos & ultra slow motion videos.

4) 3D Depth Sensing Camera- This lens creates real time depth detection and professional level bokeh effects- that dreamy blurred and dewy background that many aspire to capture.


Between these four lenses, it is easy to capture a large array of versatile images without the expensive cost of purchasing multiple lenses. This smartphone also makes it very easy to capture candid natural shots that still look and feel like professional photos without having to be bothered to carry a ton of camera equipment on you at all times. A huge plus in my books!


Some other features include a dual pixel detection + quad bayer structure which allows you to capture images super quickly in low lit settings with it's built in accurate auto focus. Another great feature is the multi spectrum colour temperature sensor which has a built in algorithm that recognizes a variety of different colors allowing your images to have a burst of color that are more vibrant and intense. 

tatte 1.JPG

Example of a photo taken using the

3D Depth Sensing Camera 


Example of a standard photo taken on

HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone


Example of a photo in the same location using the

40 MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera


Example of the same location but taken with the

12 MP Telephoto Camera

HUAWEI Golden Snap

The HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone is unlike any other phone because of it's powerful AI capability. The smartphone will take your live photos to a whole other level with it's AI analysis and recognition plus AI processing. The phone has a Best Moment feature where it takes numerous frames and produces the Best Moment by layering images.


The AI Remove Passerby removes unwanted people and other objects from the background- another one of my favorite features because it means I do not have to sit around and wait for my background to have zero people in it!


The AI Remove Reflection feature removes unwanted reflection in the background of your photos leaving you with a cleaner look.


Photo taken on the HUAWEI P40 Pro


With the HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone you get to enjoy ultra-high fast speed with the world's first integrated 5G SoC Kirin 990 5G chipset which brings a whole other level of convenience, efficiency and from my perspective, luxury. The high-speed network allows for 4k live streaming with minimal delays, has dual SIM card compatibility and supports Wi-Fi 6 Plus.


When it comes to owning a phone, it has to be reliable and for it to be reliable you need great battery life. This phone not only comes with an excellent battery life but it also gets supercharged up. This means you can recharge the P40 Pro from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes. Another handy feature is its Wireless Reverse Charge technology, which when enabled allows you to charge any phone (Android or iOS) nearby.  

A really neat feature that I personally think is wonderful for today's working environment is the multi-screen collaboration. which allows you to merge your screen time between your laptop and your cell phone in a very swift and functional manner. With HUAWEI Share you are able to do quick transfers of photos, videos and files between HUAWEI smartphones and other HUAWEI devices without needing cable, internet data or any app installation.


Many people are very into documenting  their stories including myself and that's why taking great videos in a convenient manner with great features is important to me. I love creating videos on my HUAWEI P40 Pro because the phone makes it easy for me to do and the videos are of the best quality! It has completely changed the way I document myself in a work setting as well as in my personal life. Taking videos on my HUAWEI smartphone is effortless, fun and has made a huge impact on my life. The 40MP ultra wide cine camera has a 16-1 fusion technology allowing to create epic videos. You can record 4K 60 fps high resolution videos rear and also front cameras!


Photo taken on HUAWEI P40 Pro with 40 MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera

I can go on and on about all the features on the HUAWEI P40 Pro Smartphone and reasons why I love it but I tried doing my best in sharing the reasons why I loved it most and think you would too. Overall it has been much more than just a smartphone for me, but it has changed the way I carry out my work as a photographer and also how I capture candid moments in my personal life. I hope you enjoyed my review and also check out my blog on HUAWEI wearables if you are interested. My review was honest and in my own words."

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