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HUAWEI P40 Pro Wearables 

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I am not your typical techy gadget person, so having the opportunity to try out the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro was an entirely new experience for me. In the past, I had always thought wearables just meant worrying about extra charging cables and making sure that things were powered up when I wanted to use them. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use the HUAWEI GT2 Pro Watch! The minute I opened the box, the watch flashed on and paired to my HUAWEI phone in seconds. (It is also compatible with any other Android or iOS device.) What was even more exciting was that it could be charged wirelessly without needing any extra power cords! More importantly, though, the GT2 Pro has a battery life of up to 2 weeks! I couldn’t believe it! Not to mention, the watch has a sleek design featuring a sapphire glass watch face, meaning I never have to worry about scratching or chipping it.


During my first day out using the smartwatch, I was amazed at how it impacted my ability to enjoy and savor the beauty of the White Mountains where I was exploring. Instead of checking my phone for updates and seeing if I had missed any calls or messages, the watch would display incoming calls and messages directly on its face so I could see what was incoming without having to unzip my jacket to get my phone. It truly allowed me to be in the present in the moment and savor the beauty around me. 


I have since fallen in love with its amazing fitness tracker, which comes pre-installed on the watch with over 100+ workout modes! The phone is capable of precise data tracking and some examples of the workout modes include: climbing, surfing, tennis and many more! You just go about your workout, and the phone automatically does all the work and tracks your every step. When we were in the mountains, the reception was virtually non-existent, but the HUAWEI GT 2 Pro Route Back feature made it possible to find our way back to our car as it recorded our travel route using GPS and position marking. This is such an important feature especially when it comes to my work as I spend many of my days exploring undiscovered destinations. Health is very important to me and I love how this watch is able to share automatic health data in real time including my oxygen saturation(SpO2) which is great if I am exploring at a high altitude. It also has a 24- hour heart rate detector and monitors your stress and sleep. Basically, this smartwatch does all the worrying for you ;-)

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One of the reasons we were in the mountains was to capture some sunset photos. The HUAWEI GT 2 Pro’s Outdoor Assistant feature came in handy for making sure we didn’t miss Sunset and were in the perfect spot at the right time. There is also a built-in altitude barometer that detects changes in air pressure and provides you with reminders so that you can prepare for any day’s adventure.


Overall, the GT2 Pro has become an essential in my daily life. I use the built-in health and fitness tracker, the Outdoor assistant, and most importantly love how it has helped make life easier by putting the notifications I care about at my fingertips. It also syncs nicely with all the other Huawei products.

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The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro have been life changing for me as I never stop wearing them! They are a great addition to my work lifestyle as I am always creating content with them, vlogging and using them for phone calls when I am on the go. A single charge can get you 7 hours of listening time and up to 30 hours of when coupled with the charging case! The FreeBuds Pro has Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation technology built in allowing me to have phone calls with less distractions and keeping me focused. The microphones are inward and outward facing and can detect residual noise which then generate the anti-noise signals achieving up to 40dB noise cancellation. The Dual Anti-wind design allows for the FreeBuds Pro to have a built in windproof structure- game changing! The cozy mode is a favorite feature of mine as well as it allows me to stay focused and clear my thoughts in a quiet surrounding. 


I’m able to also unplug from my work environment with a quick pinch and plug into my favorite jams! The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro delivers powerful and dynamic sounds so you listen to all your favorite music and have sound that is equivalent to hearing a live concert!

Basically, the FreeBuds Pro has everything you can imagine when you are looking for a wearable device that is functional, convenient and also fun. I haven’t been able to take mine off from the moment they arrived in my hands!

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As always, my opinion and feedback is honest. If you haven't already checked out my blog post on the HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone, you can find it here!

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